Leather Jacket Accessory

6:46 PM

2 versions in rings category - one with the “extra parts” texture and on with the “hat” texture.

25 swatches each
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Credits: CoCo

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  1. LOVE the girl on the right! Can you link me where to find those jeans and platforms please?

  2. Thank you so much!!You can find the jeans here http://alecseycool.tumblr.com/post/153118831144/alexander-wang-girls-embroidered-knit-crop-top-and and the platforms will be released soon :)

  3. i've been searching for that red dress everywhere, it's driving me crazy, do you know where i could find it? <3

    1. I just saw your comment :( Here http://simpliciaty.blogspot.bg/2016/12/selene-dress.html

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