Chisami Maxi Tank Dress

6:00 PM

25 Swatches
HQ Mod Compatible
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Credits: to @chisimi

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  1. Replies
    1. Hello, can you show me whats happening?

  2. Hi Lumy-sims same problem for me a line appears when putting the dress on a sims in cas it's broken :/

  3. For some reason this happens on some games , its a glitch from the game and there is nothing i can do about it :(((

  4. What I am seeing is what I see in other games when there is a joints issue. I took a picture of it: It happens on both sides, both related to the middle (index) finger. One side points up, the other side points down. Anyway, I took a picture of what I am seeing. Not sure if it is the same issues others are having or if they are referring to the small "line" issue.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Here is the right link to access the folder with the 4 screen shots. This is happening in everyone I know's game so it can't be a glitch to just some games, I wouldn't think.

  7. There is no reason for me to lie to you , i work on 2 computers and on one of them is working but when i checked on the other it had the same glitch.I was trying to fix it for days but i finally figured out how to solve the problem! :) I will update fixed version

  8. The dress is updated , it should work now!